The Idea

Paths all begin with the Idea, less than thirty minutes for you designed and prepared to stimulate your thoughts and bring you the wholesome ideas that you cannot get anywhere else on the internet. You'll meet your engaging guide and continue down the Path to the Evidence and the Relevance.

At its Core: The Centrality of Sex in Jewish Thought
"Please, will you please me?": Judaism on Sexual Pleasure
The Divine: Sex and Holiness

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The Evidence

Flip through the Evidence a set of primary sources and inspiring ideas connected to the Idea. With our specialized comments, you'll see how the concepts we shared go beyond platitudes, but rather stem from age old sources of the Hebrew Bible and other significant texts.

  • Sex education, Talmud style
  • Directives as a part of sexual relationships
  • Love in a world where people were still considered property

The Relevance

Dive into the Relevance where you get something to read, watch, and listen to. That takes the concepts you explored in the Idea and brings them to life in the world around you. Click to benefit from these pieces of relevance.

  • There are no two ways about it: Sex plays a crucial role in the Bible
  • And not just for obvious, procreative reasons—the Bible makes clear that sex is about pleasure
  • Which is one reason why Judaism considers sex not just fun but holy
  • In large part, it’s about learning to see the world through another person’s eyes, and recognizing your partner’s needs and feelings
  • It’s time we reclaim sexuality from its current degraded state in our culture and restore to it its holy aura
A Path guided by

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus is the founder and director of Maze Women’s Sexual Health, the country’s largest independent women’s sexual health center. For 20 years, she has developed and overseen the treatment of thousands of women ages 18–81. A Licensed Clinical Social worker, with a master’s in public health, a master’s degree in social work, a master’s degree in Jewish studies, and a PhD in Human Sexuality, Dr. Marcus has been profiled in numerous publications, including the New York Times Magazine and Lenny Letter, she is a frequent guest on TV, radio, podcasts, and has lectured both nationally and overseas on a wide variety of women’s issues. Her first book, SEX POINTS: Reclaim Your Sex Life with the Revolutionary Multi-point System, will be published by Hachette Books on March 9, 2021.