The Idea

Paths all begin with the Idea, less than thirty minutes for you designed and prepared to stimulate your thoughts and bring you the wholesome ideas that you cannot get anywhere else on the internet. You'll meet your engaging guide and continue down the Path to the Evidence and the Relevance.

What NOT to do
Where to Host
Who to invite

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The Evidence

Flip through the Evidence a set of primary sources and inspiring ideas connected to the Idea. With our specialized comments, you'll see how the concepts we shared go beyond platitudes, but rather stem from age old sources of the Hebrew Bible and other significant texts.

The Relevance

Dive into the Relevance where you get something to read, watch, and listen to. That takes the concepts you explored in the Idea and brings them to life in the world around you. Click to benefit from these pieces of relevance.

  • Parties have always been a seminal way for humanity to understand itself
  • But parties, the Bible teaches us, come with their own restrictions, like don’t drink too much or don’t gossip
  • Where to host a party? Honestly, it doesn’t matter:
  • Who to invite to a party? The trick is keeping guest lists diverse
  • Finally, remember that every party is in part a celebration of your partnership with God
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Kylie Unell